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Brenton Engineering Case Packaging Systems

Automatic Case Packaging System for Tapered Cups

Automatic Case Packaging System for Slower Speeds (Series 14)
Brenton offers the Series 14 Case Packer for a wide range of products that require slower packaging speeds. This system delivers aesthetically acceptable packages that can be sealed with pressure sensitive tape or hot melt adhesive.

All Servo Controlled Automatic Case Packer (Series 35)
This innovative system offers greater efficiency and more flexibility than most other case packaging systems. The all servo controlled machine provides electronic camming, a one-year preventative maintenance schedule, complete machine accessibility, ergonomic efficiency, fast changeover, rapid recovery after a fault, fast component change, and greater speed capabilities. The Series 35 is pictured on the Brenton Home Page

High Speed Continuous Motion Tray & Case Packer (Series 100)
This system features a unique overhead cam loading system and an all mechanical design which enables this system to achieve high speeds up to 100 cases or trays per minute with continuous product flow.

Continuous Motion Upstacker (Patented)
A high speed folding carton collator and loader capable of achieving speeds up to 600 products per minute. The design employs a walking beam motion of two stacking plates driven by servo controls to obtain an equal and opposite motion.

Display Tray for Bags/Pouches
These systems are designed for pouches, bags, cartons & similar primary containers. They can accommodate a wide range of sizes with operating speeds ranging from 40 to 800 products per minute, dependent on carton size, pack pattern, and case or tray size. Ideal for clamshell display tray or tray/lid combination.

Continuous Motion Downstacker (Patented)
Primary containers are gently accumulated at speeds up to 400 per minute. This downstacker is ideal for fragile products that require stacking before loading. Smooth motion prevents damage to both the packaging material and product, such as vacuum packed luncheon meat, hot dogs and cookies as well as standard folding cartons.

Collation for Tapered Cups or Tubs, Cans, Bottles and Jars
Modules are designed for speeds up to 840 products per minute and accommodates single or multiple tiers. Products are loaded with a run-in and load horizontal system, a gantry style pick and place loader with either a mechanical grip or vacuum pick-up process, and also a run-in elevate and load system. An example is pictured at the top of this page.

Brenton Engineering Cartoning Systems

Intermittent Motion Cartoner
Designed to Change as Fast as Your Needs

Specifically designed for today's short runs, our Intermittent Motion Cartoner offers a number of unique innovations you won't find with conventional cartoners.


From carton feeding and loading to flap folding and sealing, this intermittent cartoner automatically responds to your toughest requirements. Each motion is fully electronic for smooth, clean operation.


Hand-wheels with a digital display mean fifteen-minute, repeatable changeovers shift after shift. Add in a Windows, PC-based, menu-driven control package and you've cut operator maintenance and training in half. To speed up your operation even more, the cartoner has a number of automatic features, including open-flap detection and no-product/no-carton sensing.


Only twelve feet long, our Intermittent Motion Cartoner offers the broadest size range with the smallest footprint available today. With each section an independent unit, this versatile cartoner easily adapts to new situations and setups.


Whether for bakery, confectionary, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or health care, this multi-pack cartoner comes with a complete line of collation and other upstream systems, each one customized for specific applications.


To keep your cartoner running at peak performance, you'll be able to access advanced training, ongoing service and a full inventory of parts anytime you need them. And as your needs change, top packaging engineers can help adapt our Intermittent Motion Cartoner to each new situation that comes along.

Vision 250 Continuous Motion Cartoner

The new Brenton (Roberts) Vision 250 Continuous Motion Cartoner incorporates state-of-the-art electronics and mechanical designs yet seen in the cartoning industry.

This cartoner is capable of running 250 cartons a minute on a 12 inch pitch and incorporates a unique overhead product inserter/product hold down unit. The need for separate conveying systems as typically seen in the industry is eliminated thereby reducing maintenance and parts.

Brenton Engineering continues to offer the highest degree of product handling systems available today and incorporates material and product handling specialities to the infeed of the new Vision 250 Cartoner. We now offer the finest high speed packaging system available.

The Vision 250, specially designed for user friendliness, offers the simplest of size changeovers available. With new servo technology and computer based control packages, the Vision 250 can be adopted to any number of products and applications.

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