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Metal and Foreign Particle Detection
Thermal Verification and Check Weighing

The modular design of the new Loma systems provide the perfect platform on which to build metal detection capability for the future, with today's cutting edge technology as the starting point.

Intelligent design has made the Loma series of machines future-proof, with fully accessible electronics for unlimited upgrades and plug-ins as technology advances and customers' needs evolve. The range starts with the entry level option of a basic metal detector head, offering customers reliable Loma technology with the facility for low cost upgrades to full MIS capability.

  • Outstanding reliability

    Built of robust stainless steel, Loma's advanced engineering and build quality ensure long, reliable performance on the line.

  • Clear,ease-to-use controls

    The control panel is bright and easy to use, icon-driven for use in any language It is designed to provide operators with clear information and allows access to a wide range of practical standard features that are essential aids to metal detection in a modern HACCP manufacturing environment, including:

  • Automatic Product Learn

  • Performance validation System (PVS)

    As an optional feature PVS automatically prompts the operator to test the performance of the Loma IQ² at pre-set intervals, according to HACCP principles.

  • Contaminants Log

    A Contaminants Log is a unique optional feature of the Loma IQ². If metal is detected in your product, the contaminants log lists when they occurred and indicates how big they were. The Contaminants Log is an essential means of identifying patterns in metal contamination and tracing their source.

  • IT Solutions

    The Loma machines can be networked to computer systems to provide complete management information, making the control of QA systems efficient and fast.

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