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Allbay Packaging
Allbay Packaging

Shrink Wrapping

Fully Automated

  • Stretch Banders
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Full Over-wrappers
  • Fold Style
  • Fully Automated

Manual Systems

  • L-BAR sealers
  • Small Tunnels
  • Equipment Rental
  • Supplies

Automated Application
Able to stretchwrap with or without subsequent shrinking of single or multi-packs with PE-film.

Cartons, bottles, paperstacks, softpacks, blisters etc.

Low film consumption by a self-measuring film transport system. Machines are electropneumatically controlled for individual adjustment of each machine motion to assure safe product handling.

Sealing System
Wear-free sealing systems by sealing bar made of steel and accurate temperature control.

Packaging Materials
All sizes available




Infeed conveyors in different lengths and versions, 90 or inline arrangements.
Stand-up device by driven star wheel
Collecting device for multi-layer collations
Mechanical stand-up device
Lane diverter device for products from one or more lanes.
Turning device by turning scrolls for shaped bottles.
Pick and place systems
Printed film register control
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